Equipment and acoustics

Interiors as a place of wellbeing...

The interior is a place where people want to feel good, and the interior of the future will have a clear focus on quality materials, a pleasant feel, convenient operation and a high-end look. he passenger must be at home here, enjoying the peace and quiet – because in addition to the high-quality look and the comfort, there is a clear focus on sound insulation. The key development criteria also include the safety of the occupants, sophisticated ergonomics and aspects of sustainability.

Focus area

Cockpit & door panelling

This is the car's personality...

... or what gives it an individual character. When designing the cockpit and centre console, we combine sophisticated operating concepts with an appealing design and comprehensive infotainment system. Overall functionality is our focus, and customisation is our aspiration. This means the familiar must-have features need to be of the highest quality, like decorative parts or storage options. It also means setting new standards in autonomous driving and in door and side panels with complex safety and ergonomic requirements. We support you in the development of anything from individual components to an integrated interior concept.

Focus area

Seat systems

The connection between human and machine...

...the seat is the only vehicle component that allows the driver to feel every driving situation directly. The modern car seat needs to be as solid as a rock while also being a source of information.
It also needs to be adjustable, comfortable and – in future – even more intelligent. Today’s seats are not only able to remember individual seating positions or provide accurate control of the interior climate;
they also need to be high-end pneumatic components that follow every bend. Our team of specialists works intensively on these issues, engaging in further development until they are ready for series production.


Focus area

Stearing Wheel

“ You decide which way to go....

...there is more to to it than that“. Times during it a steering wheel was dedicated to change direction have passed by. Nowadays complex thematics for example autonomus driveing, comfort functions, steering wheel heting or multi media control tuned into matter of course. Additional enclosed in the steering wheel is the life-saving Airbag. It has to be in regard of Design and also functionality optmized and integrated into the steering wheel for interaction. The application of different materials in this movable and safety relevant part challenges expert teams extraordinary. Our Development-Team knows exactly the weaknesses of each applied material, single part and arrange them in a smart way to a functional isystem to control the requirements beyond direction control..


Focus area