Doors, hatches and body shell

These elements are all about movement ...

... doors and flaps are features that the user often operates, and when it comes to lightness, function and stability, they are always advancing. In addition to their visual, acoustic and tactile qualities, it is their innovative functions in a tight space that make the difference. Our work has focused on precisely these areas for many years. Taking the field of digitisation as an example, we develop various adapter technologies to simplify and standardise the design. For electric vehicles, we make targeted investments in the development of composite structures. These are all measures that allow us to offer our customers functional and cost-effective overall modules.

Focus area

Steering wheel shaft/column

Impulse pass trough…

…is themed. These parts personify not only functionality also comfort isn’t missed out. In steering wheel shafts and columns are implemented complex mechanism for prezise force and steering angle transfer to guarantiing maximum driving pleasure. Furthermore it incorporates sensitive electronic for a comfortable location of the steering wheel itself. With all these complex tasks and requirements our staff is engagaed daily to develop a precise, perfect and inovative product for fullment of customer satisfaction. 

Focus Area


The lightness of being – and in this case it’s circular.

Because even though the wheels of a vehicle may be firmly on the ground, they contain a great deal of emotion and intricate design choices. The resulting challenge of combining the required lightness with maximum stability is further complicated by the need to meet various legal and technical requirements. How can a car comply with CO2 reduction and breaking load requirements while being dynamic and looking sporty? Our team of specialists gets to grips with these questions every day, answering them expertly with detailed concept developments, series support and model redesigns. 

Focus Area