Social engagement

We look far beyond our own world of work and take responsibility for our actions outside it. We demonstrate our engagement both near and far, from employees to project partners and from donations of goods to monetary donations. We tend to focus on cycles and look at the complete process. A couple of examples:


#ShadesofLove. We collect sunglasses for people in the Andes and Himalayas who are exposed to UV rays every day. The Projekt was launched by one of our partners and is supported energetically by our employees.


#lateristoolate. Let’s act NOW. We support Aktion Deutschland hilft with making donations regularly.


#co2. We come from Bavaria but we’re at home anywhere in the world. That means travelling and being conscious of our actions. That is why we support the climate protection organisation atmosfair that has made offsetting CO2 emissions its goal.


#regenwald. As a company that is passionate about nature and lifecycles, offering this support is an obvious choice that is close to our heart: The organisation Rettet den Regenwald e.V. is committed to maintaining natural habitats for people, animals and plants in the rainforests.


#sport. We support various associations at a regional level, like youth football teams at FC Gilching-Argelsried and FC Hausham.


#betterworld. We donate for the children's hospice munich, regularly.


#mobilityintheHeart - We stay mobile in our hearts, too. Thank you to everyone who thinks the same way and actively helps us to makes donations and continue this tradition.