Our Brand

Inner Workings

This is where our heart beats. Sometimes it may be faster or slower, quieter or louder – but always with the positive feeling that comes with finding your own rhythm. Instead of losing ourselves in the details, we apply a value-based mindset and approach to our work. This philosophy and sense of belonging can be found in the special EVO spirit, which is embodied by everyone at the company. And it ultimately manifest itself as a passion for solutions that allows us to be what our customers need: A company that makes the best development solutions a reality.


The company with a human face

  • We don’t just say “we are a team”, we really mean it. This might mean helping out a colleague who is still sitting at their desk in the evening. And then maybe going jogging together.
  • We value everybody’s individual personality. To us, the right mindset is not a question of education – it’s the basis of project teams that complement one another and create the ultimate development solutions.
  • Our doors are never closed. Although our boardroom is at the top level, it actually functions as equals with everyone else. People can come in and out with their concerns until they feel OK.

We invest in knowledge

  • We combine enthusiasm with experience, and develop ideas in mixed project teams. They are a deliberate mix of highly innovative young professionals and experienced mentors who inspire every project.
  • Our belief is that sharing knowledge can only be a good thing, and we do this in many different ways. On the technical side, we maintain an internal knowledge database. On a personal level, we hold regular knowledge exchanges.
  • We take training seriously, providing it through our own EVO Campus. So that we are always one step ahead.

We live to make things possible

  • Our project teams are agile in mind and agile in structure. They are brought together on the basis of their personal strengths and are always ready to break new ground in their field. That’s because complex projects demand flexibility, expertise and a good understanding of people. 
  • Our employees are right in the heart of the process. Allowing them to take action for themselves gives them a feeling of real involvement and leads to the maximum possible success. 
  • We always look forward to new challenges and difficult projects that sometimes need an extra degree of commitment.

We think things through

  • We believe that the best development solutions are achieved by changing your perspective and thinking outside the box. So that’s what we do.
  • Our employees develop customised products. They focus on the entire value chain and apply comprehensive process expertise.
  • And even we make mistakes. But we are never too embarrassed to admit them and learn from them. Through open dialogue, they often lead to the best development results.