at EVO


EVO GmbH always supports me, no matter in which cirumstance of life.
At our training you are not only motivated to bring in your own ideas. You are also making them work.
Teambuilding and a familiar working atmosphere are very important and support is always available, whenever you need it.
All this leads to a very comfortable working atmosphere.

Stephan, trainee


Our trainees receive a comprehensive and practical overview of all the technical departments and benefit from our specialists’ wealth of knowledge. We want to support our trainees’ personal and professional development, so the chances of employment are good.


Technical product designer: We offer vocational careers with excellent future prospects, because you will bring the products of tomorrow to life on your computer screen. The process usually begins with an engineer’s design drawing, which you will transform into a functional product with an appealing design in a three-dimensional design programme (CATIA V5). The product range covers everything from car doors to pull handles, so the profession is equally diverse. Standard training takes three and a half years and requires mathematical skills, a three-dimensional imagination and a structured and focused way of working.

IT specialist in system integration: You are familiar with terms like leetspeak and C++, or in other words: You’re not afraid to be a little nerdy! You and your computer are pretty much the best of friends, and you (almost) always know how to solve system errors or other malfunctions. During training to become an IT specialist in system integration, you will be working with IT on a daily basis. As a specialist for in-house issues or for customers, you set up and administrate systems and solve problems. You are not only comfortable behind a screen, but also in making personal contact, and you have the ability to communicate technical knowledge in an understandable way. That’s because you are also an advisor, helping internal and external users to decide which systems are best suited to their applications. It is a diverse vocational career that requires a vocational diploma, good results in mathematics and IT, and a tendency to work with care and flexibility.

Internship and theses

For students, we offer three- to six-month internships. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mandatory or voluntary internship, or whether you sent a speculative application or responded to an advertised position. We regularly have topics that can form the basis of theses. Ideally, you application will be sent in response to one of our advertised positions. For school pupils, we offer a one-week placement. These are also mandatory if you want to start a traineeship at our company.