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New starters and experienced professionals

Product developer

Product developers combine creative thinking with technical problem-solving skills, because the work starts with an idea and ends with a product’s market launch. It is just as crucial for you to understand customers as it is for you to solve the tricky challenges of state-of-the-art technology. 3D printing, the latest lightweight designs and autonomous driving are all important topics, as is interdisciplinary teamwork. Does this sound tempting to you? Then you can look forward to working with well-known customers and enjoying the incredible feeling that comes from seeing your product come to life.

Project coordinator

As a project coordinator, you are responsible for managing complex projects from preliminary development to product launch. You will need communication skills and a talent for organisation. Your next career step may be to become a sub-project manager, which involves more management tasks.

(Sub-)project manager

As a sub-project manager, you will apply your experience as a technical project manager along with your confident manner. You will lead interdisciplinary project teams and manage our own employees, as well as those of our process partners.
And you next step? You could qualify as a project manager, who manages multiple teams as an expert in multi-project management while keeping a close eye on the budget. EVO is based in Bavaria but we’re at home anywhere in the world – so you need to offer mobility and an excellent level of English.

Group leader/head of department

Do you already have experience managing employees? Do you love a challenge? Then this is the role for you. As group leader, you will coordinate projects in your team while having disciplinary responsibility for all project members in your group.
The next step is to become a head of department. You will be responsible for managing your department and making it a success. You will also take over the strategic development and alignment of your department. As long as you have the relevant experience, you can start this role immediately.


A look through the keyhole

We are interested in the whole person. It's personality that matters to us.
Siegfried B., CEO

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