Our trainees report on their short internships

At EVO, we want to make sure that our trainees can apply their specialist knowledge in practice. That’s why we sent them on a two-and-a-half day internship at "NC-TECHNIK HAUKA GMBH". This gave them the chance to see our work up close, from design to production.
And naturally there was time to enjoy a host of snacks, sponsored by head of training Reinhold Eisenreich.
NC-Technik uses CNC milling machines to complete customer orders. First, a 3D model on a PC is used to create a programme in which the different work steps are created, taking into account the customer’s requirements. This is then sent to the machine, which automatically mills the order.


The internship was brilliant and I ‘ve now been given a practical insight to go with the theory on the PC. The employees integrated me straight into the team and gave me their impressions of daily work at the site. I was shown the programming and operating sequences for the CNC machines and I was also able to get some experience with the countless processing tools. I have also learnt a lot about the processing types and the behaviour of different materials during processing.

Stephan Rathgeb, trainee in technical product design

The internship gave us a good impression of what we need to focus on in our work to ensure our designs are suitable for production. Like when we are choosing materials, or in the accuracy of the tolerances.

Katrin Lehner, trainee in technical product design


Bringing a broken leg brace back to life

The EVO Think Tank is where EVO’s ideas are born. We are always working on the next innovation. But how can we add even more value to the world? Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big contribution. So that’s why we did some very exclusive work for Steffi by reinforcing and redesigning parts of her existing, unstable leg brace.

Hi, I’m Steffi. I’m 26 years old and I have a very rare genetic defect. It affects my entire nervous system. For one thing, my tibialis anterior muscles in my legs no longer work. The leg braces available on the market cannot take the strain and quickly break. I think it’s cool that EVO took on my challenge and built a prototype from a different material. Thank you for your work! I’m very grateful because the leg brace helps me to be mobile.

Steffi Schambeck