Questions and Answers

General questions

Are the online job vacancies up to date and are there any application deadlines?
The job vacancies on our website are always up to date. Generally, there are no application deadlines. Any positions that have already been filled will be removed from the vacancies list immediately.
How do I know whether I should apply for a vacancy?
You should apply if your CV meets around two-thirds of the requirements specified in the job advertisement.
Can I apply for multiple positions at once? And if my application is turned down, can I apply again or apply for another role?
You can send us as many applications as you like, even if you have already been turned down. Here is a general rule: Use different cover letters for different job vacancies, and if you are sending multiple applications to different contacts then please send completely separate applications. 

How do I apply to EVO?
Through our online platform, and nowhere else.If you have any further questions, our personnel officer Karin Geiselbrecht will be happy to answer them at any time.

How long does the online application process take via the platform?
Based on experience, it takes about 15 minutes. You need to create one profile and save your details. For every subsequent application, you can simply use your existing profile and the documents saved in it.
Do I need to add my CV manually?
No, you don’t. The system uses CV parsing to extract the information. After checking the details, you can then continue the process. However, this tool is not mandatory and it’s also possible to enter your CV manually. 
What should I do if I have forgotten my login details?
Please enter your name and email address in the appropriate fields and we will send you some new access details.
How long are my application documents saved for?
Once your application has been received, your data will be stored for 6 or 12 months in our system. The length of time for which your data is stored depends on your consent in the data protection declaration.
Can I send a speculative application?
Yes, of course. Please make sure your application states your preferred department, the potential dates and your salary expectations.
What documents should my application include, and what is maximum file size?
Please limit your application to the most important and relevant documents for the particular position. For all applications, we need an informative cover letter, a CV and relevant certificates. You can upload multiple files, each with a max. size of 6 MB.
How do I know that my application has been received correctly?
If the application has been sent successfully, the sender receives a confirmation email at the specified email address. If no email is received, your application was not received correctly. You can then contact our personnel officer.
What does the application process involve?
You can find all the relevant information under “Applying to EVO”



Technical questions

Which browsers are supported?
We recommend Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 11. For all common browsers, we support the version with the largest market share, plus one earlier version and all subsequent versions.
I received an error message during the upload. Why?
The file may be too large (max. 6 MB) or you might be using an incorrect format. We support PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, DOCX, TIFF or Excel. 

Questions on vocational training

How long before the training begins should I send my application?
Training generally begins in the autumn of a calendar year, and you should apply around a year in advance. For more information, see the latest vacancies or get in touch with the relevant contacts.

What school-leaving qualification do I need to be eligible for training?
For vocational careers, you need at least a Certificate of Secondary Education. Otherwise, you will find the requirements in the relevant vacancy description.

What is the selection process for vocational careers?
If your application is successful and you have attended a personal meeting, you will complete a short placement lasting around one week. This allows us to get to know each other and check that we get along well. This is very important to us, as we generally take on our trainees as employees.


Questions on internships and theses

How long does an internship last and is there a minimum duration?
The duration of the internship varies from department to department. They are usually mandatory internships lasting between three and six months. There is also the option to complete a voluntary internship of max. three months. See the vacancies for more details on the type and duration of internships available.

Do I need a certificate of enrolment to complete an internship?
We always need a certificate of enrolment from students.

Can I send a speculative application for an internship?
It’s possible to send a speculative application. Please specify your preferred department and potential dates.

Does EVO assign topics for theses and how can I apply for this?
If you want to write a practical Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, we would welcome your suggested topics for specific company departments. The list of vacancies includes details of available positions with predefined topics. Ideally, you will combine a thesis with an internship at our company.

Is it possible for school pupils to complete placements?
Yes, but places are limited and are not advertised. Please send a speculative application.